ASD MOM LIFE UPDATE / Finding Myself

Welcome to my crazy house, a.k.a life; it’s definitely been some kind of whirlwind rollercoaster at full speed ahead. There have been sooooo many changes I don’t even know where to start! Okay, Okay I’ll try to start from the beginning, but… Ummm, wheres that!?!

First, my eldest son has turned the rightful age of 18, well… legally speaking, anyway. Here in Ontario, that means you are officially an adult, and any post conditions magically disappear into thin air. Umm no. No, it does not the minute before his birthday and hasn’t changed to the moments after. Anywho, this is where my story begins again, or should I say the world has completely changed 360 on us.

Despite all of his challenges and mobility issues, he is a very clever, funny, and sensitive young man who works hard at what he believes is true to his heart and cares deeper than he should. So, that is how I know it’s going to be ok, but… Here, we get some funding that helps with those challenges, but poof, he’s 18, and it’s GONE! Anywho he’s got some other minimal supports in place, but again it is a substantial life-change adjustment for both of us on how to sort it all out as well financially. It’s about reorganizing our priorities and planning what comes next as we are still waiting for some other things to fall into place.

This is my proud momma moment to shine. Yes, I’m going to gloat because I am so stinking proud of how far he has come. From the shy nonverbal little boy on his first day of junior kindergarten, all the therapies, doctor appointments, brain scans, EKGs, and other parents/teachers/whoever judging my parenting with their dead glares with unwanted advice, and more! Medication trials and errors we also can’t forget. He’s surpassed it all and has literally beat all odds placed on him. And Now. Well, Let me tell you!!!

He is now a YouTube Partner with over 1690+ growing subscribers. Yes, 18 with not only a job but the career of his Dreams. You may think I got lucky; things are/were not that challenging, and maybe so, but it also took a lot of determination to allow him to be the person that he is. He still has struggles. He still needs help, he still has ASD, and he will always. The difference is he had room to grow at his speed, he had room to make mistakes, he wasn’t valued on his grades or how popular he was at school, or how many days he didn’t go or was suspended because the school staff needed a break. This is all him because he could have the needed space and be sheltered from the negativity.

With that being said, I finally have a chance to breathe because I know he’s going to be ok, and we will be ok. Things are hard now just because of the adjustment. His beautiful, talented, creative younger sister, who I believe is his strongest supporter even though she would never admit to it, has also been through the struggles, the tears, and the heartache of having a sibling that needs more. I think we are finally at a place where we can think and breathe and be. She doesn’t know where to begin. But it’s ok. It’s about giving her more time to grow, to make mistakes, and figure out who she is and where she wants to be in this big judgmental world we live in. She’s been exploring different things, and that is good for her soul.

So have I. you may have noticed my absence, not only from this blog but from my youtube channel, “tammy and her crazy house.” That chapter has closed. Sometimes doors need to close before we can open new ones. I have recently had a somewhat spiritual awakening where I took time to think and feel who I am, focus on my family and me, and not rush off to the next appointment or what have you.

This journey has opened new light into changing my once Gaming Channel to Tamsy Fae, a.ka my new spiritual name that I have connected with and started doing Tarot Reading and plan on doing more such as growing plants and herbs for cooking and connecting with nature and lost family heritage if that makes any sense. But in some way or another, it does for me. If you would like to follow my new journey, you can @tamsyfae. I will still continue my crazy life journey updates here with you all.

To follow my son Gaming with Cameron or Daughter Gaming Like A Girl here!

Love your messy hair, mom!

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