Covid-19 with ADHD

Welcome back to my crazy house, OMG 2022 definitely started with a bang! that’s right the big bad C word bang, the new forbidden word no one wants to mention, but gossips about anyway. That’s right it hit our house and hit it hard. I am so thankful we were all vaccinated. I know there is a lot of debate on this topic but after experiencing it first hand I am confident that we did. I for one believe I would have landed in the hospital if I didn’t have that extra bit of immunity.

It all started with just feeling tired. I had naturally summed it up as the after-holiday blues. You all know if you have ADHD how exhausting the holidays can be. The stress of making everything perfect, not enough time to get it all done at once, the whole place is chaos with wrapping paper here, gifts piled there, Decorations that have been taken out but not put up. well, the tree is up. That counts right? The dog keeps peeing on the tree shirt mistaking it as a puppy pad, the cat takes the bulbs off the tree to play floor hockey with, which you keep double-checking that she hasn’t caught a mouse! #overactivemind.

So then there was Omicron who hit our community fast. Now the whole dilemma is about sending kids back to school or dreading the whole remote learning once again. The plan was both kids would be back in school for the new semester however Cam my seventeen-year-old on the autism spectrum is doing surprisingly amazingly well. So it was like do I really want to rock that ship or….. Then there is my ADHD CAPD thirteen-year-old who is a ball of raging hormones with a lack of self-confidence and if eyes could burn… Who does not do well with remote learning the decision was treacherous on my mommy’s heartstring. just wanting everyone happy healthy and safe.

Then days later after new Year my partner tested positive on those little at-home rapid tests so I just knew, my lungs were hurting, felt like someone was sitting on them, aches and pains everywhere, unable to focus on anything, just wanted to sleep that I had it too. I somehow tested negative but certain it was a false negative, my partner had a stuffed nose, headache, tired some aches but he handled it better than I did, he also took a lot of cold meds. his seemed to be more in his sinuses than in his lungs, where mine seemed to be more in my lungs than in my sinuses. My mind just went crazy trying to figure out how this happened. We have been staying home, we have been careful so I start thinking was it the med delivery guy, was it the guy who came in to fix the hot water tank, was it the one who put our groceries in our trunk at the store pick up. Like, where did it come from, was it from the cash from our little home business,s we did do outdoor pickups and kept our distance. It’s a mystery we will never know but my mind won’t stop thinking about it anyway.

Then the kids started feeling tired, cranky, and irritated. Sarah had a sore throat, loss of taste and smell and Cam got tiredness, aches and pains, and diarrhoea. Overall, Sarah seemed to have gotten over it as quickly as she got it but cam was like me where it just seemed to drag on for about two weeks.

We are better now, I still have the annoying cough and feeling so tired, but I think it’s more that I just can’t snap out of it. Being sick meant I lost my routine, I had to quickly make a temporary one that included lighter housekeeping, more rest, no work, more liquids, and well everything slowed down almost to a stop. On top of that, we have had a severe cold warning in effect, which meant we can’t do our daily walks with the pugs, they can barely tolerate the quick in and out to do their business. Now that it’s done and we are obviously well, getting back to life is hard. It’s so hard.

Getting back on track is going to take some forced motivation, that is hard to find. The plan is in place, we started by making the decision to keep the kids home to do another semester of remote learning so at least the stress of them in school is off my mind temporarily, because I still have the guilt that they should be in school because, well friends. However, Sarah is struggling in the friend’s department due to her CAPD and that everyone is wearing masks so she struggles to hear what the kids are saying to her without seeing their mouths. She even struggles to make friends online. I wish I could help but I know I can’t.

Then we made the order to restock the shop and made a plan on new creations for the new year. We are still working on finding the right balance between helping the kids with their school stuff, doing house stuff, and finding the much-needed time for our little shop. If you haven’t already check it out Calm Your Monster, we do ship orders.

Sorry about the long rant but I thought sharing my story could help someone feel less alone, and motivated to find their groove in any way they need it. I know it’s hard but if you start with just one thing then move to one more thing than the other you will get back on track. You are not alone ADHD is a struggle but we get through it.

Have a happy day see you soon!

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