Halloween On The Peek Of A Pandemic!

Welcome back to my crazy house blog, send help it’s been raining for days, the pugs are antsy for their morning routine walks and I need some sun!

Halloween is fast approaching; it’s like in four days! Like always, I’m totally unprepared. Kids don’t have costumes, nothing is available on amazon prime, and I’m just not that mom that can whip up an amazing costume from nothing in the spur of the moment,

Between our community being at the highest number of covid cases it has ever been since the beginning of the pandemic and the fact the kids are pretty much teenagers, Sarah will be 12 in December and Cam is now 16, I don’t think we will be doing the trick-or-treating this year. To be on the safe side plus our community seems to have issues giving teens candy, I have no clue why. I think it’s crazy if you’re going to spend all that time decorating your house, putting together all those candy bags, dress up, play the creepy music and blast the smoke that is choking everyone who makes it up to your driveway in the pouring rain why turn them down because they look like they are over 12-years-old? I mean teens are the ones that would actually enjoy it and appreciate it more since they are big enough to keep their parents from taking half of what they got, and sorry but anyone under 3-years-old should not be smacking on that sour bubble gum no matter how cute they are.

So this is the plan… wing it!!

Yeah, you’re right that’s not going to fly. Okay Okay, let’s think this through. We have already carved pumpkins. I have seen some really clever ideas. I really liked the idea of hiding a bunch of candy around the house and having the kids walk around the house with their phone flashlight to find their treats. But…. you know one will find more candy than the other, one’s phone will die, the other will be shining the light into the eyeballs of the other causing eerie screams.

I think I might do a clever scavenger hunt where they need to find mystery clues to get their bag of candy treats. Since we don’t have costumes I think I will just gather everything I have around the house that could be used as a crazy make your own costume and let them go wild, in hopes they will believe this was the plan the whole time. We are going to get our favourite chicken meal from independent grocers and set up a Sundae bar where they can use their candy to create the perfect Halloween Sunday!!!

You can watch how all of this turned out on my Tammy And Her Crazy House Vlog.

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