Corona Changed Us!

Hello Readers, Welcome to my crazy house blog. We are in our third phase of opening up local businesses, and our little city is rooted in the second wave of the coronavirus. No not as bad as some others but pretty bad considering we are a tight-knit community.

Corona came as a shock to us if you have read my other post how it created fear and anxiety and so much more in our crazy house. But things have gotten better, much butter, better then I could have ever imagined.

Corona saved us. She completely changed our way of life, how I parent, how I have found my self and my passion, how I’ve met new friends through social media. Most importantly, how we eat!!!

From reading my previous post, you know how far I had fallen into depression, how I was stuck in a revolving track, fighting the same battles every day. Kids were so unpredictable and becoming depressed as well.

Since the last couple of months, we have been self-isolating. We live pretty much downtown. So our little townhouse does not have a yard. I got creative and got a bunch of flower pots and made a potted garden in our driveway. I got the kids involved, and they helped plant every plant. We have planted tomatoes, beans, peppers, basil, dill, parsley, oregano, everything we use to cook. We now buy in bulk, so we don’t go to the store as much. We don’t go to the big stores at all anymore. We shop at our local market and buy 10-pound bags of potatoes, fresh butchered meats and grain feed eggs and get our flour and other cooking ingredients from our local pantry store where it’s all fresh ingredients.

We have not had any take out food at all since our province declared a state of emergency. So we have not been exposed to processed foods in quite some time. We feel great, energized and happy again. Kid’s are eating more actual meals as opposed to snacks.

We ordered a pasta maker through amazon prime, even though it was out of our budget, it was so worth it. The pasta is fantastic, and we make it with just semolina flour I don’t add any wheat flour at all. I use the recipe that calls for two cups of semolina flour and two cups of all-purpose flour; I just add four cups of the semolina instead, and six eggs with two tablespoons of olive oil. I make the pasta sauce with our freshly grown herbs, tomatoes and peppers too!

Before the pandemic, I got a bread machine for twenty dollars at Value Village, which now I am so pleased that I did. We use it to make fresh baked breads, buns, pizza dough and even cinnamon rolls! Since I’ve been making more pins on Pinterest, I’ve been trying a lot more recipes like turkey burgers oppose to beef and how to incorporate more veggies into our meals since we are not big salad eaters.

We have been spending more quality time together between the gardening. The kids get so excited when they can water the plants and pick the freshness for our meals and help cook them.

Kid’s play more video games. Yes, I went there, and I encourage every bit of it, as they play, they are learning to code, read, master the keys, type words, navigate through different sources, and express themselves electronically, which is our future. It also strengthen a range of cognitive, reasoning, memory and perception skills. Perfecting their hand-eye coordination, social skills, strategy, and more. Games, especially first shooter games, are challenging and take a great deal of hand-eye coordination to manoeuver the character while maintaining focus on the other components. My kids would typically take hours in an OT office to achieve this skill and not get nearly as much results due to the uncomfortable setting and lack interest in the task given.

There are more positives coming and you can see everything in this blog on my next YouTube video coming soon!!!

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