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Hey, welcome back to my crazy house blog, This isolation is really getting to me. Having some serious cabin fever, it’s going on week 12, we have been in self-isolation and not leaving the house at all, except to take our pug out for a walk around the same block. But all this extra time has gotten me thinking about how I can improve my business, how I can really turn my passion into product. Good product, in my blog writing/vlogs and my mini Calm Your Monster shop. I’ve been perfecting my play-dough recipe, Slime appearance, calming bottles art as well as researching my products and the best cheapest containers, as well as what people expect for quality!

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With that being said, I have learned that people rather buy package deals, rather than one item at a time. When it is the best time to post new products, such as the middle of the month as opposed to the beginning, and showing the products on more than one social media server, helps a great deal. I have been working on creating boards on Pinterest, ads on Kijiji and on Instagram, which also allows you to post everything on Instagram to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr all at once, if you choose to, with a swipe of the mouse. I personally don’t use Tumblr, but it is there if you choose to.

I’ve also been working on my labels, the better your labels are, the better your product appears. Ya sounds crazy, but it is true. The fancier it looks with a great price the more people are inclined to at least stop and look at your products and eventually buy them. I showcase my products at local craft/business shows. The positive note is the customers see you at multiple events, begin to feel they know you and end up buying. During this time, due to COVID-19 all physical shows are cancelled but I have been signing up for virtual shows which allows you to showcase your products through zoom, Facebook live etc. or, like I did, a live stream through my YouTube channel.

The hard part is making multiple products to showcase, with fear that no one will buy them. In my case, I make products that look amazing on social media, but I can also use them as gifts for family and friends until I get order’s, since my products are based on custom designs. It’s all time consuming and can feel discouraging, but I keep going, it will pay off. People start to recognise you and your products and that is what you want. The customers will come to you first when they are in search of what you are selling or, even better, they will recommend you to someone else who is in search of products like yours.

People will be jealous and try to sabotage your business. They will try to copycat your products which is fine. That just means you have a great idea and tells you that you need to keep at it as your the original or even if you have copied someone else ideas, go with it. As long as your products have that personal touch, be creative in your designs and provide the best quality you can. Sometimes, in the beginning, you will need to try a few different things to find your exact niche.

The most important thing to remember is that the best business owner is someone who is passionate about their products and will buy and use their own products themselves. if you won’t buy it, then you can’t expect someone else to buy it either. So let people see you use them and love them, so they will too!

Sight Word & Letter Play-dough Kit
Kitty Slime – Scented to smell amazing!

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