ADHD in isolation

Being a mom with ADHD, raising kids with additional needs (high anxiety, ASD, ODD, OCD SPD), is tough, and being in isolation is so much harder!

You wouldn’t think it would be this hard, because the expectations are to survive, there are no appointments, no school meetings, no missing school buses… No fighting with homework, no afterschool meltdowns to prepare for. It shouldn’t be this hard.

It should feel like a break from the social world, should be PJs all day, should be making memories with your kiddos, extra cuddles with the cats, peace to get your business plan in high gear…. but it’s not!

It’s just as stressful. Probably more so, just because your brain is on overdrive about the virus, about how you’re going to get the supplies you need, what if your kids need a doctor or therapist or… It just goes and goes.

The feeling of being trapped is overpowering, it takes over your whole mindset. Going for walks around the same block every day doesn’t help (kinda know how the dog feels 😒).

Trying to hold myself together, keep smiling for the kids, ignore the boredom complaints, piss off everyone on FB with your unfiltered comments, battle mom brain/ADHD brain, stick to our new routine which is:

  • Sleeping in
  • Medicate
  • Drinking lots of coffee,
  • Try to walk the dog, get as far as the mailbox…
  • Delay the homeschool notes
  • Looking over the notes to see what can be skipped and what’s less challenging to start with…
  • Choose art… Gee why art… Paint is in my hair!!!
  • Take a mom break (watch unrelated YouTube videos while stress-eating leftover chocolate eggs)
  • Battle more homework / give half the answers
  • Try to bake earth day cookies the teacher sent and totally forget to take off the plastic wrap because I already rolled out the cookies on a tray without reading they had to sit in the fridge for an hour.
  • Tell the kids to go play video games while you prepare supper but actually taking selfies
  • Make 3 different meals so everyone is less cranky
  • Struggle with the program to send all the kid’s work to the right teachers.
  • Arguments about what’s for bedtime snack.
  • Tuck them in 2 to 4 times (get water, find piggy, blankets are crinkly…)
  • Then try to relax but think about all the things you should have done like finish loading the dishwasher, changing loads in the washer, top off the pets water…
  • Nah tomorrow is another day
  • Beat your score on woody instead.

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Baked cookies with plastic wrap 🙄
Earth looks like wired underwear 🤭
Stress eating chocolate eggs🤷

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