Truth about Vlogging!

Hey guys welcome back to my crazy house blog, I’m so torn between excitement and extreme anxiety. Been working on making a vlog addition to my blog, to really show my readers what it’s like to live my life and hopefully to inspire others like myself, who are also raising kids or teens with additional needs who require around the clock care, making going out to work nearly impossible, especially with all the changes and budget cuts etc. It’s not easy and now the Coronavirus has the world shutting down.

Boy, it’s really not as easy as it sounds at all. Between finding good lighting, remembering to hold the camera horizontal and not vertical, finding a great background without distractions, biting your tongue so your not stuttering, avoid the umm’s and long pauses between your thoughts.

Always photo bombing! Love my boy he’s my biggest fan and growing so tall and handsome makes it all worth the struggles.

Then there’s the anxiety of speaking out about your life to whom, you hope, is a million strangers, worrying about which is your good side, should you wear make up or be natural, should you dress your part or be yourself, how to be entertaining and hide your fidgeting hands, speaking clearly when your crumbling with fear inside for absolutely no reason.

Then there’s finding the time between appointments, meltdowns, your own exhaustion, all to find your light, to spark your motivation, that drives your passion to do what you know deep down in your heart is right, no matter what it takes. Knowing full well you will be judged, maybe even criticised, but you need to follow your dreams and find your way, it’s all about your own challenges and fight to find yourself in today’s fast paced world.

But I did it! It’s not perfect, it’s my first intro, there’s mistakes, I filmed vertical, I stuttered, I did the pauses and the umm’s, there’s background noises and I’m not afraid to admit that. I’m nothing special, I’m raw and just finding myself, fighting isolation and depression and creating a life for my kids and I and hope our struggles will inspire you all to keep going and do what you love…

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Link to vlog: welcome to my crazy life addition.

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