Hey guys, welcome back to my crazy house blog and the March break countdown is on, with so little time left to plan and prepare what’s a mom to do….

Oh ya, they are teenagers now, so hanging out with mom at the mall is so last year. I generally use this last week to make schedules, reward charts, back up plans, community event charts and try to schedule every minute of every day during March break to avoid the explosive boredom that sparks sibling rivalry. This year it’s different. For one, I took a much more relaxed approach to schooling and scheduling, more of a follow their lead type, which from what you have read definitely has had it’s up and downs, but for once I’m a lot less anxious about the break, I actually think it’s one that’s well needed. Between the strike days, snow days, appointment days, mental health days it’s going to be ok.

Our new routine is kinda off to a rough start, as only Cam is on board. Even though he’s driving his little sister crazy with his OCD cleaning, but hey, who am I to complain about someone cleaning my house. No he’s not perfect, he uses to much water to mop the floors, but he’s getting there, shoves things in the wrong places but we find it. His meds have also made him less anxious which is really nice to see. He is still rough with his sister and wishes she didn’t exist but it’s a work in progress.

Sarah is just the little diva, she’s got the preteen attitude along with it. She has recently jumped milestones as she is now showering completely solo, picking out her own clothes, developing a style and opinion about everything. Chores have become a challenge. For one I’m a little softer on her, as the guilt I have about dealing with her brother is a constant. What do you all do? How do you break the guilt and move on. How do you deal when a child absolutely can’t stand the other and she loves him more than he deserves, the way he’s been treating her just breaks my heart to millions of pieces.

Glad I got some one on one time with her today, we filmed my vlog intro finally,  that will be uploaded soon. I also got to chat on the swings with her in the park and learned some new things about her, like part of her meltdowns that seem so unexpected and inconsolable are rooted in the fact she is cleithrophobic

I was amazed that she even knew that was a problem she was dealing with. You may think it’s a bit silly and how could that impact her life so much. But the actual definition is not a fear of small spaces it’s the feeling of being trapped with no escape, even trapped in a conversation. Which all makes perfect sense now why she feels anxious about long car rides, sitting on the inside of a both, and fighting with her tall brother etc. So with that I told her how writing my blog has helped me release some of my anxiety and stress and offered to help her start her very own blog. I’ll post the link below if you’re interested in a peek.

For the break the plan is to relax, self care, do things we enjoy solo or together and continue establishing our new routines and get back into the swing of things the best we can. And of course have a little fun, probably meet up with Julie Stacey and her little one’s, I’ll leave the link to her vlog down below.

Thanks for listening and hoped you enjoyed this read.

Bye guys,

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