Finding Yourself

Hey guys, welcome back to my crazy house blog, being a mom with ADHD, raising teens with additional needs, gets your brain juices running. Fighting off depression with the flashing lightsaber you picked up off the floor, for the 3rd time before 8 am because well your son expects leaving it by the door will somehow protect him from alien intruders.

Being a mom is wonderful, it’s the best experience a woman could ever have, even better than the first high school orgasm. But being a mom and nothing else, takes its toll, makes you feel you have lost yourself and you have nothing but your kids. Don’t get me wrong, they are my world and I wouldn’t trade them in for a billion bucks. They are what keeps me going, keeping me from falling into that deep dark hole, but at the same time, it’s hard. It feels impossible, so out of reach, just wearing the few cute outfits day after day, they become ugly, just because you’re so tired of wearing them, wear and tear are showing exactly that. You take a shower and comb your hair but your favourite necklace has broken, the one that made you feel special, so what do you have left? How do you stay afloat and not drown in yourself and find you, not even a new you just you, the person your supposed to be and even though you have done so many volunteer jobs around your community to keep your kids thriving it’s just not enough…

I have decided to take a stand and fight for myself! Taking back control and build something that I can be proud of and show my kids that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Trust me that’s hard, it’s really, really hard. I’ve lost my self confidence, ambition and motivation (not really sure I ever had any to begin with) but… I do know, I need to find it. I need to thrive as much as my kids do. I need new clothes, we want to do things we can’t, pay bills on time, buy a car, own our own home, go on vacation, Lord knows I need one. We all do as a family.

Since I’m a stay at home mom raising teens, with additional needs that require 24/7 care, that have outgrown any form of daycare service. Or paying someone qualified enough would cost more than a paycheck a week, since you know minimum wages have gone up, so the old $10 a day to sit on your phone, and chatting on MSN days, have vanished! Finding suitable work that I can master with my short attention span well… Finding any work around their part-time schooling, many doctor appointments, social activities and my own appointments is basically nonexistent, unless I don’t sleep which is already at it’s bare minimum.

So as I’ve mentioned previously in a bunch of post, I’ve been doing my own research, and trial and errors, on helping my kids with their own mental health, creating positive meltdowns and challenging behaviours. I came to the conclusion that starting my very own home based business is the best way to not only find myself but to crawl out of depression and gain the confidence I need to succeed in my future and helping other parents who are in the same situation along the way. #noparentleftbehind

I have always enjoyed making play-dough with our old family recipe for kids, it’s such a calming, quiet, activity that can literally keep them busy for a whole hour! So I decided to turn our family recipe into a tool that can help calm my kids and get their frustrations out at the same time in a positive manner. It all began with a cup of tea, herbal tea can smell amazing and triggers all the good happy, fuzzy feelings in your brain so…. Why not incorporate that into playdough!? Exactly, genius right?

With my kids I am working with them how to identify their anxiety and label their emotions. When they are having a meltdown, due to not being able to control their own emotions, that is their monster. We are calling emotions that are causing the behaviour a monster, not them as a person. Like their inner emotions. The name “calm your Monster” just seems so natural and perfect. The idea just came up one day, as I had all the kids sitting at the table painting boxes to put all their calming down tools in and it has stuck.

That’s how I’m creating my business, by letting go of my monsters and calming my emotions and changing the direction of my life’s path for the better and finding myself.

Its going to be amazing I’m so excited. I’m going to show how I turned my front junk room into my office/work space, how I set things up, how I created my own inventory, made a business plan and so much more!!!

I’ll still write this blog, but it’s going to get more intense, as I’m not holding back, it’s going to get real. How I juggle our home life while creating a business in my home, the struggles between finding myself and helping my kids through their own mental illness and everything that comes with it all.

I hope you will continue to follow my journey and find yourself along the way! I’m posting my very first Vlog March first on YouTube .

Thanks your reading, thanks for subscribing, love you all…

Butterfly kisses 🦋

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