Week #2 a bowl full of lemons challenge (home office)

Hey guys, yes I’m late, being a mom with ADHD raising kids with additional needs gets tough when your trying to accomplish goals, defeat challenges, fight off a virus from you know… being a good person and visiting folks in the hospital even though you pureled at every purell dispenser you walked past, opened doors with your sleeve and using your elbow to press the elevator button… It still gets you!

Any way… We have had other challenges as well as our schools are still on rotating strikes and work to rule throwing off routines puting us off track.

Back to week 2 (3 weeks later…) of a bowl full of lemons challenge is home office organization! Yay been wanting to do this for soooooooooo long it’s crazy.

Started with cleaning out my whole front room witch was a out grown playroom that turned into a junkroom to hopefully now my home office / workspace.

First I DIY a shelf I’m going to use for storage / display of my products for when customer pick up orders etc. More of that will be explained in my YouTube vlog that will be uploaded with in the next couple of weeks.

ADHD brain so off tack. So I dug out this old shelf that I had laying around in the basement. I took it upstairs, scrubed it with a SOS pad and sanded it down completely and gave it another wipe. Now being ADHD I often start DIY projects and don’t finish them so I lucked out and found a jar of chalk board paint laying around, so bam shelf paint! And it looks beautiful

Second coat and touch ups were done after.

Next I found hooks that I plan on using to hang up my apron’s on, so again bam chalkboard paint is now hook paint!

At this point I’m not 100% finished but pretty close. So ya like I said stay tuned subscribe to this blog and once my vlog is uploaded I’ll let yous all know. I’m so excited. It’s going to be a great year, I’ve met an amazing person who is so inspiring should look her up she is Tea time with Liz

Bye guys!!

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