Week #1 a bowl full of lemons challenge

Yay it’s been my first week doing, or I should say attempting, to complete a bowl full of lemons challenge. Which is a Facebook group challenge that folks like us completely organise one room or part of a room per week. The first week challenge is the laundry room, mine definitely needed to be done… between not having a working dryer and the holidays, it’s become a complete disaster as you can see in my mini video clip. Eeks!

Anyway I’ve got it sorted out. My new dryer, well new to me dryer doesn’t quite fit into the space it is supposed to, that’s why it’s like that, but anyway it’s in there and somewhat as organised as I can make it at this point. This house doesn’t really have much storage space to begin with but I’m determined to make the best of it since I am renting, so renovations are not a option, nor is it in my budget. I’m definitely on the hunt for… well not necessarily a bigger home but a more practical home for us. Like this place does have 3 bedrooms plus a smi-finished basement but… I generally have anywhere from two to four teenagers here plus our pets. It get a little crazy!

So this is Monday I organised the shelf that was there


So this is the video half way through the week. You can see it’s getting there…

Here is the end results, not perfect but it’s done and it will work for now 🙂

You will see I added a shelf that I already had laying around to use as storage to try to avoid the huge junk pile avalanche that was accumulating in there. As well as a bin to have a space for us to dump our laundry when we bring it down to sort out. And bonus the door is back on and is usable again!!!

Thanks for subscribing, leave a comment if you have done a bowl full of lemons challenge as well or if you have started your spring cleaning and where your at. Next week for me is my new home office.

Bye guys