2020 Resolutions & Exciting Goal’s!

Happy New Year all my lovely subscribers and of course to thoes of you who are new to my crazy house blog. It’s definitely been a crazy year with all the ups and downs. Finding the kids a new doctor, adjusting cams meds, puberty, changing Sarah’s school, our mini cat infestation and more…

Our seal point Siemease Beasty girl had kittens with Salem a Bombay mixed we are house sitting, along with a his brother Sue a beautiful maincoon, while their owner is attending university. if you follow me on instagram you will find many pics of the kitty cats.

Don’t mind the wall damage in the background. I thought about editing it out of the pic, but I’m all about keeping it raw, you all know how damaging a meltdown can be and raising two kids with additional needs gets it’s fair share.

However, I’ve spent all of 2019 researching and experimenting on how to change disruptive meltdowns into positive meltdown oasis, instead of trying to avoid them all together because as you know, that doesn’t always work. I’ve learned alot about them (why they happen and how to prepare for them and keep the storm at bay as apose to setting them off).

Which is how I’ve come about my exciting 2020 goals and resolutions. With that being said I’m going to share with you all my 2020 resolution and goals for this year!!!

My 4 2020 Resolutions this year are:

  • Being healthy (balanced meals and daily walks) #babysteps
  • Decluttering
  • Doing what I love and turning my dreams into reality!
  • Reaching my goals

My 4 Exciting 2020 goals!

  • Improving my writing
  • Starting a vlog to share my life goals with you all.
  • Starting a mini home based buissness from litterly Zero! (0 money, 0 customers, 0 invatory, 0 experience and 0 buissness education)
  • Becoming financially stable before I turn 40!!!

So if your up or this cazy adventure with me, please subscribe and share if you haven’t already, follow me on instagram, and watch out for my crazy buissness mom vlog addition, it’s definitely going to be one you won’t want to miss.

Thank you for your subscription and best wishes for the new year!! xx

2019 recap pic’s

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