Ditching school for Girl’s day!

Hey guys, welcome back to my crazy house blog, Today Sarah and I are having some much needed, over due, one on one girls time!

Which isn’t easy when your a mom raising kids with additional needs. Life is busy and hectic as is. Both kids need you full time 24/7, even though they are soon to be 11 and 15.

Trying to sneak a little girl time in is nearly impossible, hard to accomplish successfully and stressful. But I found a way that works. May not work for anyone else but it works for us. With my son being on the autism spectrum jealousy is not a emotion he deals with well. He fully understands his sister needs the one on one time, but still finds the jealousy a hard one to control, because it’s a natural emotion that sets off insecurities leading to anxiety which triggees aggregation, negativity and other unwanted behaviours that release his inner monster that no one wants to deal with.

To avoid it all, so we can enjoy our girl day with out feeling bad that we did. (Will probably look deceatful, but he gets the same mom and son alone days that she gets). Just avoiding the triggers is how I parent best.

I wake Sarah up and she gets ready for school as she does everyday. I get Cam up as well (I make sure it’s on a day I know he will have a great day at school and do the extra to make sure he has a super smooth morning). I take Sarah out to catch her bus like I do every morning, so like always I did this morning and we waited for the bus together chatting about our plans. But instead of getting on the bus she walked to the park to give me time to get him off to school on a good start.

Sarah and I are not your typical girly girls, we started our girls day with our Anna and went out for breakfast at our favorite cozy little rustic harvest diner at the edge of town, warmed by a electric fireplace and handcrafted decorations. Sarah orders her usual one pancake, plain double toasted Beagle with extra cram cheese and of course a large chocolate milk (yes we all know she won’t finish it but today is all about spoiling her, right?)

We took our brownie for a nice walk around our neighborhood, yes she was dressed in a monkey outfit lol.

Then we hung out on the couch, munching on leftover Halloween candy, watching her favorite YouTubers like cookieswerlc, spyninjas, etc… And shared some giggles before cam got home.

And we’re playing it cool. So we do the reverse as we did this morning. She got all her stuff and headed back to the park to wait for cam to come home because he gets home before she does. If I didn’t mention it before cam goes to high school and Sarah goes to elementary still.

Cam’s home! We sit and chat like we do everyday before I go get Sarah off the bus. I then headed out to get her at the bus stop like usual. When we got in he was calm, he had a good day, we had a good day off to another great week!!

Hope you enjoy my blogs, if you are new don’t forget to subscribe. See you all next time at my crazy house.

Bye guys!!

Best girls day ever!
Brownie the monkey

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