Thanks giving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend! If it’s not your thanksgiving than happy audum.

This weekend was super layed back and relaxing, even the kids were surprisingly calm. Even with a new house rule introduced. Cam also did recently get put back on one of his meds which I think may have contributed to the successful holiday weekend. The aggression and anxiety was just getting to much and nothing natural was working. So he’s on two meds now topiramate

*(was one that he was on before, but was eliminated during our med eliminaton. He did go mostly a whole year off all his meds except for sleep. Which we tried but was unsuccessful. If you don’t remember or new to may blog he was on 6 different heavy dosed medications)

for daytime and quetiapine and melatonin for sleep. Took about 3 days to see any bit of results but he’s back to his happy self again which is so good to see. Just kinda takes his edge off so we are not contasranly walking on egg shells desperately trying to avoid the landmines.

Our thanks giving dinner was just the traditional ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, stove top stuffing, corn, gravy, buns and for desert: pumpkin ricekrispies yum! with some pumpkin caramel pecan cheese cake. Before we ate, we went around the table and announced our blessings.

We’re all blessed for our family, our pets (3 cats, pug and hamster). Our friends, delicious food and our warm house. It’s getting pretty chilly outside 🤪 the bad “S” word is coming to fast.

We also went pumpkin picking at a local farm and carved spooky faces on our pumpkins as a family. Was so nice to be able to actually trust my kids with big knives (I usually keep them locked) and see their creepy creations with out to much obstruction!

We even roasted our pumpkin seeds in a sprinkle of salt and pumpkin spice 🎃

Thanks for reading, see you next time,

Bye guys!

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