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Just because your child has additional needs, God gave you them for a reason as God doesn’t make mistakes (a lesson I recently learned).

Welcome back to my crazy house blog. For anyone new I’m a mom with ADHD, raising kids with additional needs, so it’s a little crazy here sometimes. Today I just want to rant about not giving up, even when you live a crazy, hectic, stressful, life like mine.

My perfect baby boy was, and still is, a constant train ride that crashes more often then it should. So I’m sharing my story to help parents to not give up on their babies, no matter how old they are or how rough the train tracks are.

Just Don’t give up! Maybe give time to readjust. I know it’s hard but honestly don’t give up! My non verbal baby boy found his voice only at 8 years old. In order for that to happen I had to open a home daycare to be with him full time, I researched everything I possibly could about autism. I tried ABA, went to every doctor, therapy, counselling appointment, tried every colour of medications, vitamins and supplements that’s under the moon. Changed our diet more than a bucket full of times. Got divorced, missed many family gatherings, missing bills to buy what’s needed, had Christmas alone.

But I’m finding our way. I set up a strict routine for him, my daughter and I and stuck to it. when meltdowns happened and aggression spikes our routine, our home, their school had to be replaced to meet their changing needs. Which sometimes meant moving, sometimes changing schools, sometimes going without, fighting with a full heart. But what keeps me strong? Is finding a community where they understand autism and raising a child with major outbursts, extreme anxiety, sensory sensitivities, who’s loud, disruptive, active and a ball of character.

Today he is 15 and is succeeding. Looking back how hard it was. It was worth it all! I wouldn’t change a thing. Yes it’s still a never ending battle to fight for his education, fight for his health, fight for his rights, but his smile and achievements are well worth it.

Hang in there. Look at your routine, list their triggers and figure out how to avoid them, prepare them for change. just because he is not speaking right now does not mean he doesn’t understand your words. Speak to him like he is brilliant and he will show you just that 😍

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