Back to school blues

Hey all, welcome back! It’s been a looonnnnng crazy summer full of emotions. I’m back in full swing and will catch you up on all the crazy house drama that’s been happening.

Here in Ontario we’ve had some major changes to our educational system due to our change in government, leaving a lot of parents at a loss about the start of the new school year. Especially for us… As you all know my kids have high anxiety especially about change, and of course our struggles with the already existing lack of supports in our community.

So I was debating the whole home-school vs unschooling vs public school, private school ect…. Like always I read, research and follow many social Media groups to try to make the best decision for us.

But seeing the fear in my kids eyes, just totally breaks my heart to a million pieces. Am I making the right decisions or not! Being a single parent is tough when everything seems to fall on our shoulders or even if your not šŸ’Æ a single mom but don’t feel the support of your parenter, it’s just so so hard to carry it all. Home schooling means I get no breaks at all and dealing with my own stress and anxiety, and let’s face it my ADHD brain, probably isn’t the best choice even though it seems to be a much easier choice than dealing with anxiety attacks, overload explosions and meltdowns… So many meltdowns… #mamamayneedvodka

Last year, as mentioned before, my son went to a public school half days in a special program and I home schooled him the remainder of the day. Which often was us just chatting about what he did at school and watching related YouTube videos, which seemed to have really helped him bridge the gaps of his understanding since his cognitive skills are generally low. This year I decided he really needs the interaction of his peers and going to try full days at school and double it as my respite since it’s not a option for us right now.

My daughter did full time at Catholic school in a regular class with extra supports and the use of a FM system which I believe was benefiting her to catch up since her CAPS diagnosis was new.

But…… This year I was at a loss, because of the many changes. I was feeding off my kids anxiety, creating my own that was just so unbearable it made me literally feel ill. On top of it all, I’m still searching for a doctor for my son and also debating if he should be back on meds or not….

Deep breaths… Seem to be the new breathing!

For my daughter Sarah I changed her to public school this year, just so she gets more academics instead of the religious classes, since she is behind in needed subjects due to her CAPS. The change itself was exhausting. So many panic attacks and late night talks, she finally started but we still haven’t gotten her on the bus. Hopefully tomorrow she will.

Now for me. Much needed me time is on the agenda as well as coaching local sports group for athletes with additional needs, volunteering at their school (momma got keep her eye on things šŸ˜‰) and various locations in our community.

Hope you enjoy reading and see you all next time. If you’re new here then Welcome to my Crazy House, and don’t forget to subscribe.

Bye guys

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