Crazy House Meal Tips

Welcome back to my crazy house blog. I don’t know about you all, but being a Mom with ADHD, raising kids with additional needs, trying to start a mini home business and doing your part in the community is Exhausting… After dealing with the kids and their issue’s about who likes who etc… keeping up with with house cleaning, walking the dog, taking some much needed you time. The last thing you want to do is COOK! Am I right??? What’s even worse than cooking and cleanup is the DISHES!!!

I Know, I know I can hear my nanny saying this repetitively… fill the sink with hot soapy water and it comes right off, but the sink is already full from all the kids snacks cause you know there is no way they could possibly use the same cup twice in the last 20 minutes or god forbid they use one plate for both veggies and dip. Bare minimum is at least two, three if they are taking broccoli, because it can’t touch the carrots because apparently it crumbles! who knew?

Modern day parenting is ,by far, nowhere near our grandparents generation. it’s not even close to our parents. So we need clever thinking; which is way beyond just thinking outside the box, it’s a little further to the right and around the corner. With little to no help from anyone! Well there are the so claimed experts that just don’t have the slightest clue where to even begin on how to put their feet into your shoes, let alone walk in them. Except for, of course, all you fellow modern day parents! Who have tried a few things and figured out a trick or two or are blessed with a Anna such as I. But more often then not, the struggle is real and the dread of it all feels so overwhelming that you rather give them a box of crackers and call it a night. But since that’s not an option. I will share my little tips with you all.

I’m sure you know by now I’m not a good cook at all. with my ADHD brain I get so distracted just following a simple cookie recipe to the point it’s a complete disaster! so I hope you enjoy a few of my ADHD / Lazy mom tricks!!!

First off… Slow Cooker bags are the best invention EVER!!! you just slide one on nice and tight (no not what your thinking… no time for that!?) You just add your favorite dish into the slow cooker in the morning, well you know in between the yelling and screaming and the random object that you totally just ignored fly by your face. then when supper time rolls around you just serve the meal you slaved over on paper plates. Yep another great invention! worried about melting the paper plate? Trust me, quick fix, you wrap that sucker in tin foil and voila, fine china!!

Feel like being all fancy. No problem Dollartree has these amazing disposable cupcake trays. Line the cupcake trays with paper cupcake liners and you just throw a brick of cream cheese into a bowl, small container of dream whip and well because we are being fancy here add a splash of vanilla whip it all together with a tad of milk than just smooch some gram-crackers and butter together at the bottom of the cupcake liners then add your mixture and those frozen berry’s that no one is eating just slap on top they will thaw by the time its needed.

kids don’t like those veggies and they have caught on to your tricks, that you hid them in your spaghetti sauce, even though you have finally mastered how to puree them into a pulp. No problem! Your beets are now in your chocolate cake and your chickpeas are in your chocolate chip cookies and spinach is in your delicious milkshake enjoy! hehehe…. yaya there probable should be some yogurt in that shake but ice cream is close enough and they got some spinach! small victories still count as a win in my books. Yeah…. you may not want your children to read this blog… #winkyface

Great thing about leftovers is that when you don’t wanna cook there is a microwave and its completely safe to teach your 10 year old how to use one, I mean at 10 I was cooking french fries out of a cast-iron pot of lard sooo….. it’s all good.

You know that respite money they say you should use and yes you could defiantly use a break you know you’re due for a shower…. but there is absolutely no way you’re going to trust anyone with your beautiful, complicated, aggressive, darling with anyone, even though you know it’s not really…. them you are worried about, but no, not going to happen ,but calling for a pizza totally counts as respite!? right? sure no cooking, no dishes we got the fine china plates it’s all good!!!

Also for snacks when I do groceries I divide all the snacks into baggies. ill make like a huge bowl of trail mix and just put them into baggies. I make two different batches with nuts & one without because my daughter is not allowed to bring nuts to school but it works wonderfully,even with the veggies I’ve been washing them and cutting them up and putting in baggies to (basically to avoid the 3 bowl situation) but hey, it works!

Wax paper is also beautiful. I line everything with it from cookies to casseroles, works like a charm every time…

I also organised my pantry with baskets to make it easier for the kids to help find things. it’s been working great for us. As long as they are fed with some nutrition its a win, especially for kids with food sensory issues.

Well I hope my tips have inspired your cooking creativity! I’d love to hear some of your tips. drop them in the comments below I’l be sure to try them and let you know my result. Gotta go, kids are calling… See you all next time at my crazy house.

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