Anna Saves Easter!

Happy Easter everyone and Welcome back to my crazy house blog, Its been a very heartfelt couple of weeks. With so much tears, anxiety, anxiousness and making life changing decisions that come with terrifying thoughts. Since we are tipping the boat and changing ROUTINES!!! Yes… I’m that crazy!! We all know how we need routines that should never be rocked by any amount of forces. I know I’m going back on my word saying how strict routines need to be followed, but since kids are aging and maturing the scary time has come. I pray my crazy ideas work. I’ve done all my research more than a few times over the past couple of months and found some crazy but amazing discoveries, that I’m going to implement in our new daily routines and share them all with you every step of the way. As I think it will be a journey we need to take. That may also benefit some of you, if you’re struggling with transitioning into routines that work best for your family.

Easter for us is a Celebration of spring and new beginnings, snow melting, trees budding, flowers awakening, robins nesting and longer sunny days. This is my perfect time to plan a transition to our new changes to our daily routine.

My young daughter struggles with social anxiety, childhood depression and caps as well as some ADHD. She has always wanted a dog. Its her only true wish and is all she’s ever really wanted. I got her a puppy a few years ago but we barely had her for a few months before someone had stolen her from our back porch. Leaving us all devastated… I had two more attempts with rescued puppies but they were not a good match for us. Since Christmas my daughter has been wanting nothing else. She’s been googling dogs, watching dog care Youtube videos and crying her self to sleep most nights from the thought of having her very own doggy friend. My heart was so broken for her, but I had my doubts about trying for another dog.

Easter was fast approaching and reading her heartfelt notes to the Easter bunny and pleas and protest about nothing else but a forever fur baby. I told her before we can try another attempt for a forever doggy. She needs to start helping with chores, stop fighting with brother and show some responsibility.

Leaving the last few weeks so heart wrenching, it broke me down in tears many times, as I noticed how clean she was keeping her room, how willful she was at helping around the house, how she was going for walks everyday without a doggy friend, how no matter how bad her brother was making her angry she was ultimately doing her very best to control herself. Worst of all she noticed how heart broken I was for her, because I felt like I’ve let her down with our failed attempt of having a dog and having her wants barely ever meet due to her brothers high needs. She was doing her best to reassure me that she would be okay if the Easter bunny brought her a doll instead.

I put my research, my blog and everything on hold and started contacting many animal shelters and rescues centers for a dog. but I knew this would be our very last straw and we couldn’t just take in any dog. This dog had to be more than a Easter gift. This dog had to do more then fulfill a little girls dream. This dog would be her best friend, someone to tell her secrets to, to ease her anxiety, to give her the extra cuddles she needs when I’m just to tired, to busy, and not understanding enough. This dog had to have the patience of a saint and out last explosions and calm the storms that arise unexpectedly. This is our last and only hope to fulfill this job…

Two nights before Easter I fell into my trap. I was unprepared and Easter was two sleeps away. I was sitting in my room feeling completely hopeless that I couldn’t grant her the one and only wish. I just sat there and listened to her cry from her room. Just nothing seemed like the right gift for her. I prayed for a miracle to guide me how to handle this situation. Then a I got a message that changed everything!!!

It was Anna, my best friend and sister at heart. Anna had the best solution!!! She offered to give us her adorable loving pug. Since Anna comes to our house everyday, she would still see her. We have known and loved her pug Brownie for years. Brownie is just perfect for us, she is a older, calm and gentle girl who also has all the experience and expectations we need from her. So we set up a plan. The next morning Anna and I got right to work. We went out and bought everything she would need for her new home and wrapped it up in a huge tote. Making up a bi’munch of Easter eggs leading to her huge surprise. The hardest part now was seeing her sadness while keeping her surprise a secret. In the end she was absolutely delighted and Brownie proudly walked in and stepped up to the plate, even though she is small in size she filled a huge spot in our hearts. Easter turned out to be absolutely perfect. Anna came to our rescue as always and by far Saved Easter!!!

Stay tuned for part two of our Spring Changes that are coming soon… See you next time at my crazy house. If you’er new to my blog please remember to subscribe so you don’t miss out on our crazy spring adventures and how I’m a mom with ADHD, raising kids with additional needs and dealing with it all.

2 Replies to “Anna Saves Easter!”

  1. anna

    This blog made me cry like a baby, all i did was give you what your little girl asked for and what i knew would probably be perfect, as i am always on the go and don’t have a lot of time between running here, and there, and all over, and brownie deserves the love and attention. She loves it so much, it was a perfect fit and i am so glad that she loves her. She was so proud today coming down the stairs with her to take her outside that it just melted my heart, and i knew then that this was the best thing that I ever did

    1. admin

      Thank you so much Anna, I know it wasn’t an easy choice for you and you must miss her very much, but you will see her pretty close to everyday. We all appropriate everything you do for us.


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