Surviving the P.A. Day!

Hey Guys, Welcome back to my crazy house blog. Today is a P.A Day so kids are home. Yes you guess it, they were up before the alarm, because apparently it was too sunny (but you know it’s just because they don’t have school today, so mom can’t sleep in, just once, that would be crazy! Ugh…). But I can’t really complain because they are actually sharing the gigantic sectional couch peacefully and watching a YouTube video together!! Insane right? That like never happens! To celebrate this success we are making chocolate chip pancakes covered in sweet aunt Jemima syrup, Yup I’m that crazy, getting them full of sugar before 8:00 am.

How will I survive this delightful sugar rush? By being prepared with equal amounts of physical activity and calming activities they will enjoy and little tricks I’ve learned over the years for ones they probably won’t enjoy as much including chores. I Know what you’re thinking. I don’t have time for all this. That’s crazy! Am I right? But today I’m going to share with you how I survive this craziness as being a mom with ADHD raising kids with additional needs as well as being a former home daycare provider for over eleven years to all kinds of personalities. I’ve learned a few very important tricks that really do work especially with kids with additional needs. Took me a long time to figure these out and even longer to be consistent enough to implement them in a way that works for us.
Trust me! I know how hard this is! Being ADHD myself, I have so many things running through my brain all the time. paying bills, starting my own little business, becoming a writer, homeschooling part time, appointments, keeping up with house chores, being pleasant with the neighbors, laundry sitting in the washer for 3 days, half done dishes, half moped floors, guinea pigs are over a week getting fresh beding especially since they have figured out how to take the damn water bottle apart and I know the list goes on…

Tammy’s Crazy House P.A. DAY Survival

Even for the unprepared ADHD mom (winkie face)

  • ESTABLISHING A REALISTIC PLAN: write out a clear simple plan for the day, add pictures if needed (scribbled on the back for scrap paper works just fine), add a few back up plans encase things don’t work out, be consistent with the plan even if you’re exhausted because it will pay off, make you’re plan realistic.
  • STAY ON ROUTINE: By Keeping the night before and morning routine the same as they would if they were going to school is a lifesaver! Which also doubles as a helping hand if you are working at home and they want snacks they can eat out of their lunch kits, and theirs no nagging to get dress or brush teeth as you fallowed the same morning routine, Lets face it either way you won’t get a brake anyway.
  • KEEP IT FUN BUSY: Remember if they were at school, they would be kept busy all day and the trick of keeping them busy without a sensory over load explosion is to mix physical activity like going for a walk or swimming at the indoor pool. mixed in with calm relaxing activities such as playing with play dough, orbies, sensory box or reading, with a few challenging ones, such a helping to unload the dish washer, helping with pet care, washing windows or learn how to do their own laundry!
  • THE SECRET TRICKS ABOUT CHORES: 1. don’t give them chores you know you will redo once they didn’t do it exactly how you wanted (they will notice and won’t want to do it again). 2. don’t ask them to do things that are not part of their regular routine such as make their bed if that’s not something they do regularly. 3. Every child is different so matching the chore to the right child is key. i.e. the child that loves to be organized would prefer to organize the food pantry the active child may love running around dusting. 4. make it sound fun not like a chore like if they wash the windows they can use window markers to decorate for Easter. 5. Take brakes – if you’re nagging them to do things before fun time its just not going to work (like at school they have recess and switch activities).
  • BE PREPARED: 1. Be prepared for the sibling rivalry! (it’s all about competition) Avoid triggers, avoid competition, avoid activities that may lead to rough housing instead have a glitter fight! set timers to give them equal amounts of one on one attention. Plan activities they can all enjoy together like going to the pool! 2. Be prepared for the over load explosions. Expecting it to happen is better then being caught off guard as sometimes no matter how hard you tried to avoid the triggers a simple set of firetrucks passing by blaring their sirens may just be enough to pushed them over the edge. I use a sensory box once the storm has calm to help reset themselves in the right state of mind which I found to be 99% more effective then threatening to take things away, enclosing them in a room (which there is no way I can haul a 80 pound or 250 pound up the stairs) that could lead to other unwanted behaviors or resentment towards siblings. Also teaches them a healthy way to deal with their mixed emotions and possible anxieties.
  • DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN! Life is so busy, enjoy these PA Days as they are only little for so long.

*These tricks are challenging and depending on the day and whether or not their going through a development spurt all comes into consideration on how you plan your day sometimes its just a cuddle day watching movies works best.

This mama is exhausted I hoped you enjoyed my blog and leave a comment below about your PA day adventures or ideas of other topics you would like to here about my crazy house. See you next time!

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