Rocking Autism

Hey Guys, Welcome back to my crazy house blog. I know it’s been a while; I’ve been so sick with a horrible cold. You know the gross runny nose that feels like your flushing out a fire hydrant with the watery leaky itchy eye balls, whole body aches and feeling like your head is literally not even attached? Yeah it sucks! Especially when your a mom with ADHD raising kids with additional needs, more specifically today is about autism.

When it comes to autism in my crazy house; change can be intolerable but… when mom is down and out for the count it’s like the worst thing ever! seriously! Dishes piled up, laundry multiplies, routines get held back, plans cancelled, disorganized order becomes chaos, dinner is mac and cheese instead of the usual full course meal. Do we really need to make sure every item is perfectly angled the exact way before getting jammy’s on and brush our hair exactly 32 strokes before getting tucked in bed!!?? (Yes we do! crap ##** we’er starting over, mamma just wants her bed). Nightly chapter reading slips into a two page read instead… yes he noticed! Thankfully I’m almost better and some humanity is being restored here today.

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My autism journey,

My son was diagnosed with nonverbal/limited speech Autism, ADHD combined type 3, obsessive compulsive disorder and sensory processing disorder at age 5 almost 6 by the children’s hospital of eastern Ontario. It took some time on the wait list for proper testing to get the results we did. By age 8 he was diagnosed with Oppositional defiant disorder, extreme anxiety and mild seizures. As devastating as it was. I loved my baby boy so much and right then I devoted myself completely in guiding him to overcome the obstacles a diagnoses can cause and beat all the odds that were said and raise him with love to become the man I know he would be.

Our journey wasn’t easy. It began with countless appointments of social workers, behavior therapist (which honestly felt like a losing battle, but we’re winning now), physiologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, case managers, genetic testing, blood work, EKG’s and can’t forget the mountains of paper work and phone calls and were just getting started for the life time battle. The battle of fighting for his voice, fighting for his rights, fighting for his education, fighting for his healthcare and mental state, fighting for acceptance and inclusion, fighting just to keep him home and out of a institution, fighting for someone to continue to fight for him when I’m to old to fight.

Explaining the diagnoses and therapies to close family and friends is a whole other level of battles filled with heartache no person can ever understand unless they are in fact a dedicated autism parent themselves. It’s harder than the stares from strangers at the grocery store, or comments from the super mom down the road or even the comments I hear behind my back like “he should he in a home, he’s to old for that, why doesn’t he do it, can’t she control her kid, if he was my kid let me tell you”. Yes please tell me… Tell me how you would stay up for days because he can’t sleep, tell me how you deal with a meltdown because his sensory overload has reached his max from spending the last few hours holding himself together to meet your expectations, tell me how you will tell him why he wasn’t invited to your child’s birthday party, tell me how you will fight the world for him, tell me how you would control his anxiety about feeling alone in a world he doesn’t understand, tell me how you will hold him tight and comfort him as he processes all the negativity that was sent towards him by the people he loves simply because they don’t understand please tell me… I’m sure if your reading this you could probably relate or know someone who can.

Our journey isn’t over; not even close he is my son and I’m proud to be his mom. I will fight for him till I take my last breath, we will fight the battles together, we will do the therapies, we will go to the appointments, I will raise flags even when I’m exhausted, I will miss out on family events or nights out on the town, I’ll give up material items that have no value, we will have more sleepless nights as we teach acceptance and raise awareness, we will beat the odds because we have won so many already. He is talking, he is doing self care, he is learning self control, he is gaining confidence in a complicated world that isn’t as black and white as his. He is building coping skills and is the most kindest loving person I know (not so much to his sister FYI #winkyface) and most intelligent is so many ways. So yeah I will fight this battle and we will win! We will not change for the world, we’re changing the world for us!!!

“I have noticed that even people who claim everything is predetermined and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”

STEPHEN HAWKINg’S (black holes and baby universes 2011)

Happy Autism Awareness Month and don’t forget to wear blue (April 2nd) for World Autism Awareness Day. Drop a comment below about your autism awareness day, I’d love to hear it! You don’t need to fill in everything to leave a comment and if you’re new to my blog don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out, Thanks for stopping by and see you next time at my crazy house.

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