#KeepingItReal #Springcleaning!?

Hey Guys, Welcome back to my crazy house blog and today we are Spring cleaning with the kids! No I’m not fully prepared to deal with the madness caused by touching things, moving things, the horror of throwing out clothes three sizes to small, not even suitable for donation, tiny pieces of cut up paper, half drawn drawings, broken toys… Some sort of science experiment that smells awful and creating fruit fly’s; fairly certain it’s a rotting peach! The screaming, the stomping extreme sensory overload and can’t forget about the fighting! All because the flashlight was found in the wrong room. Oh my gosh the world is crashing!!

Trying to get the kids to participate but… it’s to boring, to tiring, to hard, to sticky, to noisy, to squeaky, to busy, it’s ewe, it’s not mine, you-tube is on! “ooh I’ve been looking for that. thanks mom”

How does a mom with ADHD spring clean!? Start at the top! Control her brain to stop over thinking and throw out every useless object and slowly slide it all down the stairs into a ridiculous mountain of clutter. Then wait a week or two before getting the chance to actual put it all out to the trash. Does this sound at all familiar?

Today is finally part two where the upstairs mess that was moved to the bottom of the stairs gets thrown out to prepare for another scary graveyard room to be cleaned out that holds random junk, family fish, laundry and well all the extras that need to go!!

Done for now, not perfect but as a busy mom with kids with additional needs it’s never perfect. Making cookies and relaxing before our crazy house rumbles again.

Thank’s for drooping by my crazy house, I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to subscribe and drop a comment below about your crazy spring cleaning adventures. See you next time at my crazy house!

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