Saved by Olaf!

Welcome back to my crazy house blog, let me tell you it’s been a crazy week. Take my son for his six week follow up after chipping his upper right humerus from falling on ice crossing the street, which was a dramatic episode all on it’s own, with him screaming we should have called a taxi to cross the street!! Did everything possible to keep it in a sling including missing school, overly helping, assisting in and out of the van, trying to keep the peace between siblings but still manages to slip and fall again. Babying him with constant attention and doing everything under the sun to keep my ADHD brain from going insane because were totally off track in our behavior therapy, going backwards on Independent goals, can’t sleep because now he thinks his whole body is paralyzed and can’t roll over. Can anyone relate??

The look of shock on my face when the doctor comes in and point’s to the x-ray that shows everything I have possibly done turned his small chip into a inch long crack!! like how? just how? Moving on to another two to three weeks with 0% movement of his arm with the doctors direct orders of No crazy businesses makes me think how does he know!

Getting in the middle of two kids physically fighting (is like being between two orangutans fighting for the last banana) over the proper pronunciation of the word Newfoundland. #speechdelay they are both wrong… #siblingrivalry

Ending the week on a different note with news I’ve been fallowing on the ford’s government drastic changes to the Ontario autism program, resulting in a small peaceful protest with a few concerned mothers with five year old’s. Of course these kids are on the spectrum so you can just imagine the scene. A small MPP’s office with a large counter with a small table of four chairs, the hum of the lights, the ticking of the clock, one child sitting on the floor more then likely happily stimming, one curious about how the blinds function, the other enjoying a hand bag full of snacks. Thinking it couldn’t be as bad as the office scene from Pigs by Robert Munsch. Because mom’s of kids with additional need are always fully prepared to scan a situation in 2.2 seconds, prepare for any chaotic randomness, be on the edge for combat to protect their little cubs. Concerned mothers trying to calmly ask questions after just two minutes was obviously a thereat. This is utterly madness for MPP staff members quiet calm office. The threat of preschoolers calls for her to press the PANIC button! Leaving parent, caregivers, teachers, EA’s and principles with much more than unanswered questions and a lower level of trust for our government. #autismdoesn’tdisapear #FordGovernment #scaredMPP

Mama is totally off her diet and needs some happy juice but help’s build a Olaf snowman instead!!

Hope to see you next time at my crazy house, if you have and suggestions of topics or questions how we deal with the craziness of it all please leave a comment and don’t forget to like my post.

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