Newbie keto failure!

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I’ve been trying to do the 10 day keto challenge #nocluewhati’mdoing. For the first day I was like right into it. Ate a hand full of raw broccoli and carrots for breakfast (super picky eater). Went out for lunch and ordered 2 eggs over easy as I totally forgot I wasn’t ordering toast with bacon and ham. I was just delighted I was staying on track. Came home and felt like I was starving! Which is unusual for me because I don’t usually eat much during the day. Had a tall glass of smoothie (cherries, blackberry, blueberry & spinach) it taste really good, I felt great and was full of energy but then 3:30 hit me like a ton of bricks! I was starving again I tried holding off to cook a decent supper but my ADHD brain was on a non stop track that I had to eat right away! Just making everything else impossible to focus on.

If you have kids, especially kids with additional needs, you know how hard it is to get them to calm their jellybeans and keep your focus on the task at hand (cooking supper).  I managed to throw in some shake n’ bake chicken in between stopping world war three over the remote control for the third time.  While my brain is still on a hamster wheel about eating right away, the remote is in my back pocket, kids crying in the background the behavior specialist that I’ve been waiting for all week calls. So you know how this goes: she asks if this is a good time to schedule a case meeting. I desperately want to say yes and listen to the details but all she hears in the background is heavy breathing as my 14-year-old is trying to hear what is being said, while the other one is spilling a half bag of milk on the floor and part of a song being sang that no one knows while trying to shimmy around to avoid the remote being taken out of my pocket and now my brain just dismissed the whole conversation. I try to sound confident that I got it all and kindly as I possibly can get her to repeat the date and time.

The beep of the dryer goes off followed by the shriek of fear #sensoryprocessing tripping over the lol doll lineup, guinea pigs squealing cause they know you will stop to feed them (thinking the pen really needs to be cleaned) and all of a sudden they have 10 half drawn pictures you need to see right away and tack on the art board so of course laundry is put on hold again.

At this point, I’m beyond tired, frustrated, annoyed and patients are just down to a 1.5. I give into frying dirty potatoes (potatoes mixed with eggs, salt, pepper, garlic, onions and cayenne) for some unexplained reason my brain thought that was a quick snack (totally an unketo). As I’m spiralling down the high accomplished mom feeling and let them pig out on leftover ice cream cake and cookies while I try to process everything to get back to the task at hand. Now that I’ve eaten; it’s better. Now kids are full and want to start their bedtime routine so shake n’ bake gets wrapped in the baking pan and put back into the fridge. #reallife #momwithadhd

Try again tomorrow!!

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  1. Julie

    😂 next week keto take 2


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