Eeks… March break!

Omg!! No one panics like moms with kids with additional need especially moms with ADHD. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday and March break starts on Monday. The panic is setting in. What’s that plan? Absolutely no idea! Debating the fact of just winging it. But am I really prepared to deal with the consequences as we all know far to well how that will totally bomb.

Looking over the March break community calendar and nothing seems acceptable and spaces are already filled. Ugh there is indoor swimming… But there will be tons of screaming rambunctious humans with no room to swim and only one ball that someone won’t share because you know germs! Movie theater plus sticky, greasy, straw slurping, scents equals sensory overload. Traveling to the big city sounds dandy and all but do we really want to sit in a car for over a hour unprepared for boredom, motion sickness, random vocal sounds, an unexpected detour? No but practicing social skills, over coming anxiousness, meeting new friends, reaching milestones and teaching acceptance trumps it all!

Now, what would eliminate the least amount of fighting??? You know there will be fighting! Over the air, garbage or what you consider garbage, singing, who looked at who, spots on the large 12-foot sectional couch because apparently it no longer able to fit two, someone randomly decides they no longer eat at McDonald’s halfway through ordering. You try asking for advice, but you know what the response will be. “Just take it away, Put them in their rooms, They just won’t eat, give them extra chores. We’ve heard it all. First off how do you possibly remove air? Yes, you could walk away and ignore it with the end result being either someone being stabbed, something getting broken or something getting peed on. No, I cant throw my 250 pounds over my shoulder and carry him up the stairs to pull the door off its hinges because the anxiety of being alone is just too much to bear. Extra chores? Now, why haven’t I thought about that? Oh,dfc;la that’s right; where trying to ABA avoid the meltdown not create further irritability, open triggers or increase anxiety. Instead we plan, we chart, we reward, we praise, set limits, accept change, love even more! #sensoryprocessingdisorder #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #Anxiety #beprepared #AppliedBehaviorAnalysis

So… After getting the kids off to school today, put the garbage out, go out for breakfast, take concerta, clean the kitchen, pay bills, don’t forget to call doctor, call school to confirm meeting, do groceries (come home put them away and dived all the snacks into equal amounts because you know… god forbid someone gets an extra cracker). Tonight is skating night and supper out (yay me! sigh with relief) Then after bedtime quickly review of our ABA plan #thanksFord we better not need a new one any time soon! Going to Google every possibility we can do with some back up plans, make list and trick them into thinking I was fully prepared with laminated choice chart, group effort reward chart and last minute schedule a respite worker. Will that work? Wish me luck it’s only Thursday right!?

Did you see that? Just walked right pass the garbage can to come find me to tell me they are done with their yogurt! Do I look like the clean up crew? So you know you have to keep up with this positive parenting thing #deepbreaths “that’s wonderful deer go put the yogurt container in the garbage can first then the spoon in the sink please! No honey the yogurt container goes in the garbage can not the spoon. Spoon goes in the sink. Thank you!” (*with a smile but you actually feeling annoyed because that process took so long and lost your train of thought so you move on to something else leaving the sink half filled with dirty dishes. #Auditoryprocessing #momwithADHD

Ewe whats so sticky on the printer…

See you next time at my crazy house

PS. If you would like to learn more about the Ford government and his drastic changes to the Ontario Autism program I suggest you subscribe to autism does not end with Ford by Krista Ryan.

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